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30 min lessons

I can see why lessons should be about 30 mins. Firstly, by the time you cover technique, pieces, then new materials, and then review, it’s about 30 min. I actually set a timer today and it took just over 30 mins. I know some teachers do 45 min lessons, which I can see a bit later.

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  1. Hi, Yes, 30 minutes is great as you don’t want to fatigue the student. However, having said that though, if the student is really going well and they are really keen, then perhaps you could book them in for two 30 minutes sessions and that would make an hour. So set a block of time E.g. 30 minutes and book them in for 1 2 or 3 blocks, depending on their circumstances. (probably 2 blocks or 1 hour is good).

    Great to hear you’re doing the Cirt 4
    Good Luck and warm Regards
    Elise Lonsdale.

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