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I have just spent the last little while just playing just for fun. No expectations, no learning new music, just playing what ever comes. Some times, that’s a Mozart sonata, some times a Bach chorale. But some times, it’s just a simple chord progression. Today, I was doing just that when suddenly, I had one of those moments where I decided to see if I could change keys on the fly. I’m not talking about transposing; I’m talking about going from the tonic to the dominant, or from the tonic to super tonic (from c for example to d).
I can do this by just going up a semitone from the tonic, but to me, that just didn’t flow. I discovered that I can change the key by inserting a 7th chord or other chords too. I’m still learning exactly how to do it.
I’d also discovered that using minor 7th chords can really add a whole new dimension to things. For example, instead of playing c, g, a minor e minor f g c. Try c, g a minor 7 e minor 7, f g7 c. It really changes the whole feel of the progression.

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