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Why teaching? 

This will be my last instalment on my story… Next blog will get to more important things, like actual music related stuff. 
Anyway, I thought I would share why I started teaching. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would teach. In fact, I was quite against the idea as I thought I wouldn’t be good at it. But life has a way of changing you… 
I actually wanted to become a concert performer but realised in high school that was not for me.  Then I thought with my passion for music history, I would be a musicologist.  The only problem with that idea was that I could not look at scores etc so I decided not to do that. So I studied no position instead… and left that after 2 years. I got married, had kids etc. But in 2010 I started thinking about my life. I thought if I was going to do something with my music, now was the time. What did I want to do? Teach piano so I can excite my students with the same passion as I have. 
So here I am… I have taught for 4 years now. I haven’t ever had a full studio yet, but every single student I have taught has given me experience. I’m hoping this year will be the year where I start to gain students. 
So far, I have someone posting content on my facebook page and twitter feed daily. I am also going to try and run facebook ads. I’ve decided to target adults and homeschoolers, and students with special needs. Both online lessons and in person. 

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