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Dip-abrsm Teaching Diploma 

I have decided to start working towards my dip-abrsm teaching diploma. It will be an interesting, rewarding and challenging experience, but I’m really excited to be doing this. I have the time to do it now, and feel it will be fantastic as I work toward improving my teaching and prepare myself to work in a music school. 
So far, I have downloaded the braille files of the pieces I will be working on. I’ve also got a mentor helping me through it. I am currently sourcing books from the booklist, which is a little challenging.  Many of them are not on kindle or iBooks, so I will have to scan them… That will take time, but I’ll do it because I want the books.  
The quick study portion  of the exam will be a real challenge. Frankly, it scares me doing it, as I’m not used to trying to memorise music with examiners in the room etc.  I’m trying to source a copy of previous quick study materials so I can get an idea how difficult it will be.  I have a choice of using braille music, or doing it by ear. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the music, but I’m going to get a hold of both so I can see what it could look like. I’ve contacted the RNIB (the blind society in the uk) about getting this stuff. I have time on my side, but want to get things rolling now. 
I’m thankfully this stuff are out there; It wasn’t last time I studied music, and I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can do something about getting every thing I need. 
I’ll be blogging through out this whole process, so stay tuned for more updates as I work my way through the diploma. 

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