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What messages are we sending our students? 

Recently, I have had some discussions online regarding music education, and was surprised  the effect it  has had. Music is my passion, and so is music education for all children, and even adults. Music is something  many can benefit from and carry with them for life. But unfortunely It seems that many people have suffered psychologically.  
We teachers (and I’m talking about myself here also) need to be extremely careful the messages we send to our students. I’ve heard from many people lately that they cant sing, or don’t have a musical  bone in their body. I know people who hated lessons because they were fed a steady diet  music they hated, made to  perform in public or told they weren’t musical. It’s so sad that those people had to indure This, and even sader that they are unable to  enjoy music as a part of their lives. 

The truth is, every one is musical and every one can sing. Every time your heart beats, every time you speak, you are creating music.  Every one can sing if the music is at a range for the person. The reason you don’t think you can sing is because you have been told that you cant, or are scared of so sounds you make because of others making fun of it etc.   
This is just a quick blog to encourage all of us as teachers to help our students enjoy music  as much as possible.  Give students music they want to learn, such as pop songs or classical. I hated pop but manny don’t like classical.  Never tell a student they aren’t music, but instead try different things to help that student. Every student has strengths, we just need to find out what. Having a good network of teachers to connect with when issues arise is a great thing. 
I’m working on a more creative approach to teaching, where the needs of the student is taken to account. I’m also working on finding different fun methods to accomplish that goal. 



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