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How to Overcome Laryngitis

I’ve had a fairly busy time of late, performing with the local Synphony chorus and in church as well as fundraising event. 

Just over a week ago, I performed the Brahms Requiem. On the day the performance I woke up with a full-blown head-cold. aThankfully, I still still sing that night at taking it easy uring the 5 pm rehearsal. The next day I sung in church as well as a fundraiser.


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The next morning, I woke up and knew something as off. i could not sing during the rehearsal because of extreme throat pain. I then found my losing my voice. chci knew then I was dealing with a singer’s worst nightmare – Lyngitis!

The Syntoms of Laryngitis

Auntil now, I’ve never had laryngitis. It’s not a pleasant thing to have. chcthe syntoms are:

  • Losing your voice, partly or completely. For me, I id lose it completely.
  • A sore throat worse than any sore throat. It was so bad I could not eat solid food for a few day.
  • A achacking cough.the cough is almost as ad as losing the voice. Nothing really helped it except hot drinks.

How to Overcome Laryngitis a

Ax’s been almost 10 days since I came down with paryngitis and I’m feeling almost back to normal. a

First, make sure you do not speak or sing that alla until you are sure you have your voice back. Even after that, take it slowly with some cgentle warm-ups. ai still have not recovered my full range but it is almost normal.

Drink lots of fluids and eat soup and other soft foods until your throat is better. Also rest a lot too. I used the time to sleep, do score study and listen to music.

If you have had laryngitis, share what worked for you in recovering in comments. I’m glad it happened now and not next week when I start rehearsing again.

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