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The Effects of Music on the Brain

Many may feelt music is just a set of melodies or harmonies, which make us feel good about ourselves and the world around us. However, research shows us that music is far more fundimental to our society and has a profound effect on our brains beyond the emotion aspect.
Music has many significant
ects on the human brain and can enhance the functionality of its
neural pathways. Some of those effects include: • a lowering or steadying of the heart rate;
• lower blood pressure;
• stress reduction;
• relief to patients undergoing surgery, as well as heart attack and stroke victims.

These clinical explanations would not be enough to do justice to the effect music
has on the brain.

Clinical experts tell us that isolating from society can increase
cardiac risk, but Robert Browning said that “he who hears music

feels his solitude peopled all at once”. Psychology tells us that

expressing emotions through music is healthy, but Tolstoy said that

“music is the shorthand of emotion”. Doctors teach that human

warmth can bend woes, but Shakespeare said that “if music be the

food of love, play on”

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