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2 more practice techniques

I’d spent most of my practice time working on Mozart. I used the techniques outlined in my last entry, as well as a few others which I will discuss now.
My teacher and I had a discussion about the Mozart during my lesson on Monday. I left wondering what he was talking about, because I just couldn’t pick what he was talking about. Every thing seemed to sound fine to me. He suggested recording myself playing it, and if necessary compare it to other recordings online.
Last night I recorded it, and I was quite shocked at what I heard. If you want a really good critical look at your playing, record yourself. You will hear every thing in all it’s true colours. I found myself with heaps to work on.
Another technique I used today extensively is slow practice. I’m talking about something that is so slow, and can hardly stand to play it, because it’s so slow. But it helps develop muscle memory, accurate note playing and in combined with rhythms helps increase the tempo. It also makes you stop and listen to the tone you are producing, the loudness of the sound, the evenness of the passage.

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