Unearthing Baroque Gems with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Are you a Baroque music enthusiast seeking to diversify your classical music collection? Allow the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra to take you on a captivating journey through time. Under the artistic direction of Paul Dyer, this exceptional ensemble is celebrated for their period instrument performances, earning them a prominent place in Australia’s classical music scene. Established in 1989, the orchestra pays homage to Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos with their namesake and has since released 17 albums showcasing renowned soloists, such as counter-tenor Andreas Scholl, among others. The orchestra also frequently graces the airwaves of ABC Classic FM.

I recently indulged in their two-CD set of Handel’s Concerto Grosso, and it was nothing short of mesmerising. Contrasting the classical era’s solo concerto, a concerto grosso incorporates a group of soloists alongside the orchestra. This album is an auditory delight, providing a supremely soothing listening experience. What sets the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra apart is the seamless blending of soloists with the orchestra; discerning the difference becomes nearly impossible. As anticipated, the repertoire spans an array of styles, from melodious to fugal compositions, making this album an essential addition for string music aficionados.

To delve deeper into the world of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, visit their website at www.brandenburg.com and embark on a Baroque adventure you won’t soon forget.

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