do mindfulness and Music go hand in hand?

Each day is filled with the magic of music. From the moment I open my eyes, the music starts. My mind starts to relax as I think of the music I will practice today. My mind dances as I experience the relaxation and grounding that must provides. As I hear the kettle sing and my bird clock chime, I am filled with gratitude. That is what my magical, musical day looks like.

I’m going to share three pillars that help me stay relaxed and grounded every single day. And you can too!

Start your day with musical relaxation

My days always start the same: with a playlist or youtube of relaxing music. Usually, it is a mix of baroque music, nature sounds or classical music. This brings me into a state where I can ground myself, pray about my day and allow myself to relax deeply. Any stress and anxiety about my day is also dealt with during this time.

There are many sources of such music, including youtube and apple music.

Journalling at the end of each day

That’s right: create a journal throughout the day. I’m not talking about a “dear diary” type of journal. My journalling is always with porpose and intent. I create journals of many kinds throughout my day, including:

• My perfect day journal: This is created the night before. I usually decide how I would like my day to manifest and write accordingly. I script out my activities, my high-vibe feelings and the successes of my day.

• Gratitude journal: this type of journal is probably my most important. Being grateful for my life manifests many great things in my life. I always find at least ten things to thank god for and more if I can. This includes any musical accomplishments, even if small.

• Practice Journal: I practice my musical craft every day. Each day I write what I practised, how I did it and how I need to improve upon it. This helps me create my craft and be constantly moving forwards.

• Script journal: This type of journal is all about praying about things I’m working on. For example, my musical goals, income goals and any personal goals. First, I write my feelings on the present to release them and then a prayer.

Exercise each day.

Taking some form of exercise is extremely important for health. I also find it important as a musician; it removes physical tension from the body, releases anything that needs releasing and makes me feel good.

Before the current covid-19 process, I was swimming a few times a week, walking daily and playing table tennis weekly. Now with restrictions in place, I can only walk daily. I take this time to engage my sense of smell and touch as much as I can and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Using the above principles have changed my life, both personally and musically. I have gone from a very negative person and a perfectionist to a more positive person with a goal and vision. I have also found having a routine for my day helps me focus on the good things in life and achieve my goals.

What do you do musically to help you through each day?

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Stephanie Mitchell is a passionate musician who loves classical music. She plays piano and also sings in her church choir and the Melbourne Synphonth chorus. Stephanie also works as a freelance writing providing web content and copywriting.

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