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How to start teaching online 

I started teaching online back in 2014. It was purely by chance. A friend of mine from a forum I write in saw my signature with my website. They emailed me to ask if I could teach them online, as he was interstate. I was not sure how I would do this. But I thought it was a brilliant idea. 
After all, I could see the huge advantages of teaching online. Students with busy lives, unable to travel to a studio could learn online. No vomited, no stress. The disabled student can also have lessons in their own home, with their own invironment and own piano. So I decided to give it a go. 
It has worked brilliantly. After setting up skype on an iPad mini I was ready. Over the period of time, I have also purchased a Everest 300 headset. I plug it in to my ipad, and the built in mic gives great sound. The ipad is only music stand and sometimes I will move it to show my hands. I also have used an tripod which shows most of my hands and also my face. Placed at the end of the piano, it works well. 
There are some slight changes that need to be made when teaching online, that  a teacher teaching face to face don’t need to worry about. First, you cannot play with the students as it will give feedback. I find this works well though, as it forces me to really listen to my student, and forces them to hear their playing. Giving very specific instructions such as bar numbers, exactly what you want your student to do also helps. Having the student make notes is also important, although I often use Dropbox to transfer notes and recordings to my student. 
Teaching online is extremely rewarding. My dream is to eventually reach remote areas, and students with disabilities who cannot for whatever reason have lessons the traditional way.  

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  1. Hi Stephanie, my name is Steven. I would like to ask you please share few moments with me. I would like to call you at your earliest convenience. Please email me a phone number I can reach you or if you are using Skype we can talk there. Thank you… s…

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