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It’s every where… and you cant escape it 

Yes, it’s all over the place. Music that is.  It doesn’t matter where you are  music is there even a whisper of it. I thought just for fun I would blog where I heard music today… Just because I can and because I’m a little crazy… 
I woke at 8 am to the soft chime of my Apple Watch as I took it off charge. Then as I walked down the hall to start my morning routine my feet pounded out a 4/4 beat until taking my guide dog Gypsy out. The dog collar made a really nice bell-like noise as she went, and the back door added it’s e-flat squeak. I went to eat breakfast, and the spoons decided to clank, I’m not sure exactly which note; more like some harmonics I think. 
As we set of for our adventure with the kids, the car starts it whine, and the motor sets itself in to a constant f 2 octaves below middle c, while the  road noise was some percussive noise but also an a flat. Lots of things hum in flat keys. I don’t know why that is. 
So, that’s just small taste of what music is like for my daily. I’m talking the John Cage version of music, which is basically any noise at all can be classed as music. Of course, I think melody and harmony are needed as well… But having perfect pitch, I can literally hear notes coming out of every where… And just like a computer, my brain works out all the notes and noises. It’s like a constant computer programme that tells me every note, every chord every key change and more.  Some times I think it would be great to turn it off so I can just listen with out being bombarded with constant information. It’s a blessing, but some times I wonder what it’s like for those who don’t have this? 

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