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My experience with the harpsichord, and the baroque recorder 

Today. Met a old friend of mine for lunch. This person plays piano, harpsichord, baroque recorder and more. 
So after out drinks, I took a look. And it was quite difficult to play actually.  For starters, this ,instrument was a copy from before Bach’s time, and had a shorter keyboard apparently. Because it was tuned so the bass notes a  fifth below, this made playing very frustrating! But I did manage some Ach, trills are absolchten delight and just spring off the keyboard. And the voices in a fugue are so clear, and literally unfolded itself. It was magic!  
The baroque recorder as next. The only experience I have is from playing it in grade 4. So ow we shocked how hard it was to play the basic notes. It’s an exact science. Those holes have sobered perfecbbfor for cleanness, except when above the first octave, there’s all sorts of technique required for that. Of course, I. Used harmonics to do it, overblowing it a bit to get the note. But believe it, it’s much more in tune when done correctly! 
A good play I could do some basic tunes, but kept struggling with some of the fingerings. 
My friend also had a flute she is not using and said I could have it. To my surprise, I can still play quite well. At first I couldn’t get any low notes, but after warming up with the upper octaves I found I could play all 2,5 octaves. I played a Mozart piece I remembered from years back. I’m going to take it up again.     

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