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What it is like to Perform with a Chorus

Have you ever wondered what it is lto perform as pz a large chorus? I sing with the local Synphony chorus and I describe a typical performance below.

Some performances can be vshort, such as a season launch, or very long, such as a full-length choral work. be be be be be was a very short performance as part of a broader programme.

choiristers of our synphony arrived at what they call the stage entrance, which is not for public access. It’s like a whole separate building from the hall itself.

Once there, we warm up our voices ready and it is explained about the layout of the stage and how we would enter and leave the stage. Then we sing our piece through.

It can be a shock at how awful it sounds. It can be extremely loud to my ears. It apparently is normal. We are also given instructions on sections that need slight modification while on stage. My brain can in overload which can add to my nerves.

Then comes the moment when it is time to sing my heart out. Not exactly though. Because you cant just go for it. As a choirister, I’m part of a team. I’m there to express the music, with all the varying dymanics etc, with the tempo changes etc. I listen arefully to each note around me and the breathing to make my entrances spot on. I listen for the subtle tempo changes that the conductor might give.

As the piece draws to a close, the excitement builds as I realize that I have just completed my first performance doing something I love. And as I sang the last cadence, I was left with a feeling of exhaustion and felt my crying for joy. I was left on a high as I left the stage.

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