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About the Founder

Hello, and welcome to Musician on the net.

I’m just like you: obsessed with music. music is my number one passion in my life. I started creating music early in life – from about age 3. After several years, I progressed to learning the nuts and bolts about music and took piano lessons. I’ve known several instruments over the years, including piano, cello, flute, composition and voice.

One thing I noticed over the years is that many gave up music. Those that did fall into two camps: those who gave up because they found it boring, and those who gave up because they did not have the confidence to continue.

Many children are fed a steady diet of “classical” music, which just does not speak to their soul. They found the exercises dull and dry and the music even worse—all under the guise of the “foundation” technique. Then some had trouble singing in tune or found music in school hard and were told they could not sing or did not have a musical bone in their body. Never mind that you love music and it speaks to you.

Music is about bringing joy… to yourself and, if so, desired to others. I love performing myself and love sharing music with others. That’s why I have created this site. There are so many of you that regreet giving up music when younger. there are also many who love music, but your confidence and joy were sucked out of you because of bad experiences.

I’m here to help you create your musical goals, whether it’s to just enjoy creating your own music, playing songs and pieces you love, or to become more “professional” at the craft. I’m here to support you on YOUR journey.