About the Founder

Hello, and welcome to MusicianOnTheNet! Just like you, I am profoundly captivated by music. It has been the guiding force in my life, shaping my experiences and dreams from a very young age. I began exploring music at the tender age of three and quickly delved into the world of piano lessons. Over the years, my musical repertoire expanded to include an array of instruments such as the cello, flute, and voice, as well as the art of composition.

Throughout my journey, I observed that many individuals had abandoned their musical pursuits. These individuals often fell into two categories: those who lost interest due to the perceived monotony of music, and those who lacked the confidence to persevere.

A common factor contributing to this disinterest is the early exposure to classical music that fails to resonate with one’s soul. Many children find the exercises tedious and the music unappealing, all in the name of building a “foundational” technique. Others may have struggled with singing in tune or faced challenges in school music programs, leading them to believe they were devoid of musical talent. This is despite the deep love and connection they felt towards music.

At its core, music is about bringing joy – to oneself and to others. I am passionate about performing and sharing music with those around me, which is why I founded MusicianOnTheNet. I understand that many of you may harbor regrets about giving up on music or have had your confidence and enjoyment diminished by negative experiences.

My mission is to help you redefine your musical goals, whether it’s to indulge in the pleasure of creating your own music, playing the songs and pieces you adore, or refining your skills to a professional level. I am here to support and guide you on your unique journey to rediscover the boundless joy and fulfillment that music can bring.